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Hogatoga WhatsApp Tracker: How to Track WhatsApp Chats, Messages, and Calls

With the introduction of WhatsApp, the messaging game was changed forever. With no cost to use this app and its massive user base, it’s easy to see why WhatsApp quickly became one of the most popular communication apps in the world. However, it’s also common knowledge that you should never trust your significant other with any sort of chat app. So if you’re interested in tracking your partner’s chat history, follow this guide on how to track WhatsApp chats using Hogatoga WhatsApp Tracker.

Hogatoga Download the App

What makes Hogatoga so appealing is that it tracks your friend’s location and activities in real time. It also informs you when they have read your messages or calls. The interface of Hogatoga resembles that of a mobile phone with buttons that indicate voice messages, text messages, calls, locations marked by pins on a map etc. There are multiple tabs in Hogatoga app which display chats of different people. You can even set up notifications for particular contacts. For example, if you wish to be notified whenever someone writes something new in your girlfriend’s chat box then go to her profile page and select ‘Notifications’ from there.


You can choose between receiving notifications via email or SMS whenever she writes something new in her chat box. Hogatoga has been designed keeping in mind users who need to keep track of their kids or employees. One can easily track their kid’s activity on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Similarly one can easily monitor his/her employee’s activities through Hogatoga App. As mentioned earlier, Hogatoga not only allows you to see all your friends’ chats but also lets you view their call logs and current location. You can get all these details at a single place using Hogatoga. All these features make Hogatoga a must-have application for everyone who wants to stay updated about what others are doing without having any direct contact with them. Download Hogatoga today! Somebody downloaded Hogatoga more than 10 million times worldwide as per Google Play Store Statistics and 5 million times worldwide as per Apple App Store Statistics. Our statistics show that more than 70% downloads were made from United States, 15% from India, 3% each from Brazil & Pakistan respectively. Now we will discuss how we reached such high number of downloads in short span of time?

Hogatoga WhatsApp Tracker

A Simple Yet Powerful App! … In today’s world of technology, messaging apps like WhatsApp are really useful. The reason they are so popular is because they can save you lots of time and money when it comes to making calls or sending text messages. However, things sometimes go wrong in these types of communication platforms. You might lose your phone with important data stored in it or even become a victim of cyber crime! Thankfully for us, Hogatoga have developed an app that will help keep our information safe. It is called Hogatoga WhatsApp tracker. It lets you track all chat history, call logs and media files on any device connected to your account including computers and tablets! So if someone steals your mobile phone or if it gets lost somewhere then you don’t need to worry about losing all those precious chats anymore. Just install Hogatoga WhatsApp tracker on your computer and you will be able to view all previous conversations from there as well. This way, no matter where you find yourself without your mobile phone, you won’t ever lose access to your most recent conversations again! … There are many other features available in this app which make it easy for users to manage their accounts and stay informed at all times. For example, you can use it to block another user temporarily or permanently. Also, its built-in search feature makes it easy to find specific chats regardless of how long ago they were created. If one of your contacts has blocked you too then don’t worry! Just use Hogatoga WhatsApp tracker and you will be able to see who blocked you, when did they do it and why did they do it in just a few clicks. Now that we know more about what Hogatoga WhatsApp tracker can do, let’s take a look at how to download it onto your smartphone or tablet. Downloading it couldn’t be easier! All you need to do is click here and follow the instructions carefully. Then you will soon be enjoying all of its benefits right away!

Create your account

Sign up for a Hogatoga account so you can track both your incoming and outgoing WhatsApp messages. First select a username for your account, then enter your mobile number. You’ll receive an SMS verification code; enter it on screen to confirm your phone number. Next you’ll be prompted to log in with Facebook or create an account using your email address or Google+ details (the choice is yours). Once signed in, access your profile from within the menu on any screen. Here you can change your password, delete your account entirely, and edit your personal information. Make sure to save these changes before exiting. The next step is installing Hogatoga onto your device(s). Open Play Store or Apple App Store on your device and search for hogatoga; download and install it as usual. Now that you have Hogatoga installed, open it once more—you should see a welcome message with instructions on how to start tracking conversations! Tap Yes! Let’s go!. This will take you to another page where you can choose which contacts you want to track. Select them all by tapping Add contacts, or choose specific ones by tapping Choose Contacts. Once done, tap Start Tracking at the bottom of your screen. That’s it! You now know how to use Hogatoga app to keep tabs on who is messaging whom and when they are doing so. To learn more about using Hogatoga app, check out our guide here . If you need help using any aspect of Hogatoga app, send us a note via Contact Us link. For further assistance, reach out to us via [email protected] ! We would love to hear from you! Follow us on social media too for updates and tips : facebook twitter google plus instagram youtube Pinterest Linkedin Disclaimer : hogatoga is not affiliated with whatsapp inc in any way and has no official affiliation with whatsapp inc.

Add your contacts

Once you’ve installed Hogatoga on your phone and desktop, add all of your contacts to Hogatoga. Each contact will appear with their name at the top of a list that you can then organize by title or first name. This way, you can see all of your conversations in one place. You can also view each individual conversation by clicking on its name. On Android, you can even choose which app you want to use for each contact—for example, if someone only uses WhatsApp for messaging and calls but not for voice calls, choose WhatsApp as their calling app. If they only use Google Hangouts, choose Google Hangouts instead. All of these changes will be reflected on both your phone and desktop so that you can easily stay up-to-date with everyone you know. If you are using two different mobile operating systems (e.g., iOS and Android), make sure to create separate accounts! You can’t have an account on both platforms because each platform has its own unique encryption key that ensures your privacy. Your data won’t be transferred between platforms because it is encrypted separately for each system. However, creating two separate accounts means that you can still access your chats across devices and operating systems. When creating multiple accounts like these, make sure to verify them through email. To do so, click add new account when logging into Hogatoga for the first time from another device/operating system. Then just follow the instructions provided in order to set up a new email address that matches what you used when creating your original account. After doing so, log out of your old account and log back in with your new one. Now everything should sync properly between all of your devices!

Track calls, messages and videos

You can track WhatsApp messages and calls. The number is displayed in your phone contacts list. If you are using a mobile with iOS or Android operating system you can quickly add it as a new contact. All calls from that number will be saved in your call log so you will never miss an important call from Hogatoga chat tracker app users. Once you have added Hogatoga tracking service as a contact all your incoming and outgoing calls will be logged by us. If someone deletes their conversation on WhatsApp we still have all of their text messages stored on our servers. We also record all video chats between two people. We keep them until they expire (usually 3 days). So if you want to spy on any user of WhatsApp just install Hogatoga application on your phone and register for free. Choose a target user, enter his/her phone number and start spying immediately! Our team is working hard every day to make your experience better. Please feel free to leave comments about how we could improve our service.

Monitoring these conversations has become easy now. With Hogatoga WhatsApp spy software you can monitor both sides of communication via group chats and one-on-one conversations. It doesn’t matter if you need to read hidden sms messages, multimedia files (photos and videos) or record audio from WhatsApp conversations – we got everything covered for you!




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