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how to prank your friends fake call app

Does your prank game need a boost? Are you tired of playing the same old pranks on your friends and family? Tired of being predictable? The next time you want to prank someone, surprise them with the best possible prank. When they least expect it, open up Fake Call and make them think they’re getting an important call from someone you know, like their boss or even their significant other! They will freak out when they see that it’s coming from Fake Call, which means the chances of them falling for the prank are very high! Just wait until they pick up – their reaction will be priceless!

Download Fake Call Prank application






For any android users, Fake Call Prank is an amazing application available on play store. It generates a fake incoming call and when you accept it, it generates a pre-recorded voice saying something like Sorry I can’t pick up right now! Please leave me a message! with laughter at its end. You can even generate a fake incoming SMS on WHATSAPP or any other messaging platform that you prefer using. This trick is so popular in the social media these days as there are millions of people who love to use this application for their own benefits.

So if you want to fool someone into thinking they are getting a phone call from someone important or get them out of the house for a while, this app will be perfect for you

Install this today and have fun playing tricks on others with Fake Call Prank . There’s nothing more satisfying than watching someone’s face when they answer what turns out to be a fake call from the police telling them their car has been stolen, or when you hear Hi mom! instead of Hello? on the other end. The possibilities are endless: see how long it takes your family members to catch on (hint: don’t let them know you’re joking), impress your friends by getting past an automated security system, unnerve your enemies with a false emergency service number – anything!

You can download this amazing app from the following link.

Set up Number in App

Setting up a number in Fake Call works like most apps. When you launch it, it asks you for permission to access your contacts. It will also ask which name should show up on outgoing calls. All of these are pretty straightforward steps and don’t take much time at all. The biggest thing that might slow you down is if you have a ton of contacts and don’t want them all cluttering up Fake Call. You can simply go through your contact list and delete any numbers that you do not need. You can also add numbers manually by tapping the add contact button on the top right corner of the screen. Once you’re finished setting up your desired numbers, it’s time to prank someone! To make an outgoing call from Fake Call, just tap the green phone icon at the bottom left of the screen.
If you want to make an incoming call, tap on one of your saved numbers. From there you’ll see a big green phone icon at the bottom of the screen where you can tap to place an incoming call or tap on one of your saved numbers for outgoing calls.

Pick Out A Voice

Whether you’re picking out a voice that is completely unrecognizable or just a new accent, play around with different voices on Google Translate. The site has many accents, languages and genders to choose from and can help you perfect your vocal impression. For example, if you want an American accent, select English in United States, then Male or Female. From there, adjust pitch and speed until it sounds like someone else is talking—or yourself in a foreign accent! It might take some trial and error, but once you find the right settings for the voice of your choice, record a sentence (such as I am over 18 years old) into the Prank Call App to see how it sounds. You might need to repeat the sentence more than once so the recording time is long enough for someone to answer when they receive your call. And don’t forget to make sure it’s not obvious what’s going on by saying something normal before and after the sentence. If you are trying to get away with pretending to be someone else, make sure their first name is used at least once in the conversation and throw in a few words that sound natural.

Press Red Button

Have you ever wanted to give someone a heart attack? Maybe you want someone to experience cold sweats and an elevated pulse. Well, fortunately for us, there’s now an app that can help do just that! The concept is simple – after entering your number and setting some parameters like how long you want it to sound like you are on a phone call, press Call and watch as whoever answers really thinks you are calling them from another line! How cool is that? You can also make it so the caller ID says anything you want or make it look like the call came from anyone in your contacts list. All in all, this app makes for a good time whether you use it as a trick or not!

Prank Your Friends with Fake Calls

Instead of pranking people on their phones, you can use Fake Calls’ technology to make it look like someone is calling them. In fact, you can make it look like their phone is ringing, but that it goes directly to voicemail. You might even be able to see and hear everything that happens on their end! There are a bunch of different things you can do with our system. One option is making it look like someone’s boss or spouse called and needs an immediate phone call back. Another is that you’ll pretend to be a telemarketer offering great deals in the hope they’ll stay on the line.
Another great one is pretending to be the person’s long-lost friend or relative who just wants to catch up and not get into any trouble with the authorities. If they think they’re going to jail, they’ll stay on the line for as long as possible so make sure your story has enough twists and turns. Or if you want to get more personal, have a girl from another school call asking for help because she doesn’t know where she is and doesn’t know what time it is. She sounds really scared too which will keep your victim hooked until you hang up the phone!

You can download this amazing app from the following link trickybazz


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