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How to Play PC Games on Mobile

Playing PC games on your smartphone or tablet seems like it should be easy, doesn’t it? You’ve got the same processor, operating system, and touchscreen technology—why not just load up Steam and play away? Unfortunately, there are quite a few reasons why this isn’t possible (and won’t be possible anytime soon). Read on to find out more about what these reasons are and how to play PC games on mobile.

People Who have PC already:

Everyone knows that games are very popular in Pc, but people who don’t have a PC might also want to play games. So if you like playing games then you should read about How to Play pc games on Mobile.

remotr for android

One of our favourite solutions is remotr, which lets you control your computer with an Android device. To use it, simply download and install a companion app on your phone or tablet. From there, log in with your Google account and connect to your computer via Wi-Fi. Now you can open your favorite games and apps through their website or by pressing a button in remotr’s app. It’s just like using a mouse—but better! Your phone’s touchscreen will let you navigate the screen while the buttons will let you interact with what’s happening on the screen. You can even switch screens if your game needs a different resolution than your mobile device offers. The only downside is that remotr doesn’t work as well if both devices are plugged into power outlets instead of running off battery power alone, but most people will have no trouble at all setting up remotr for android to play pc games on mobile
Other options include Air Mouse or Remote Mouse Free, but neither will do quite as good a job as remotr when it comes to playing PC games on mobile. However, they may work better if you need to perform other functions besides gaming. For example, if you’re more interested in streaming video from your desktop onto your tablet, these could be good options over remotr. Either way, remote control software is a great way to enjoy PC games on mobile because it lets you ditch the cords and keep your hands free.

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Remotr for Pc

If you don’t want to buy a brand new gaming desktop, but you also don’t want to limit yourself by relying solely on your smartphone or tablet (many mobile games aren’t optimized for touchscreen), there are solutions. One of these is Remotr for pcGet—an app that lets you use your desktop as a touchpad, and your mobile device as a video monitor. You can even switch back and forth between the two screens with just a tap. It’s simple to set up, too: download the app on both devices, enter in the same wifi password into each one, connect them via bluetooth or an USB cable if they’re close enough together and start playing! The connection is surprisingly smooth even over an unstable wifi connection, so you won’t have any problem getting started with it no matter where you are. In fact, I found that I could play my favorite game on my laptop without sacrificing performance because I was able to play it at higher resolutions than what my phone’s screen could offer. With the right settings, you can play without delay. And if you prefer your laptop display to be mirrored on your phone, there’s an option for that too. There are some things about this experience that might not work for everyone—namely if someone else needs to use the computer while you’re away from home or office. But in most cases this should be more than enough for anyone who wants to take their PC-gaming experience on the go.—Khaleesi Jey

However, if neither of those scenarios apply to you, then I recommend giving this app a try. I didn’t face any latency issues in my tests and was able to enjoy all of my games as usual—without needing any new hardware whatsoever. Sure, it would be nice if desktop Windows had a built-in support for multiple external monitors…but until then Remotr serves as a great alternative!


you can download this app from the following link


For the people who don’t have Pc

Gloud gaming

For many people who don’t have a personal computer, there are still many ways they can play games. This is possible by installing gaming software or apps onto a mobile device. Although you may not get all of your favorite games, there are still plenty of options available for everyone. Here are some of your best bets for playing games online from anywhere with a WiFi connection – browser-based: Most browsers now come equipped with their own web-based game emulator that enables the user to emulate popular consoles like the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). You can even create an account so that you can save your progress across different devices.

– PlayStation Now: PlayStation Now offers a library of over 500+ PS3 titles in addition to 90+ PS4 titles as well as over 200 Vita games and more coming every month. The subscription service costs $20 per month, but if you subscribe for 12 months, it’s only $140 which works out to be just under $10 per month. If you’re looking for one-time purchases of individual games without having to worry about monthly payments, then this service isn’t for you. But if you want access to a wide variety of top-tier video games without the need for expensive hardware then this service is perfect! With prices starting at $2.99 for classic hits like Final Fantasy IX, Kingdom Hearts II, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots and Sly Cooper Thieves in Time to newer releases such as The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Complete Edition and Rise of the Tomb Raider; Sony has got you covered. It is possible to play most of these games using the console app or on a TV using Chromecast support. There are also many free options available for those who prefer not to spend any money, though less-popular titles may be harder to find. These include Kongregate Arcade and Armorgames, both browser-based games where you can choose between casual gameplay modes such as match three puzzle games, room escape puzzles and tower defense games.

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