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How to Make WhatsApp Photo Stickers

Photo stickers are quite popular on WhatsApp, as they allow you to personalize your chat conversations with your friends and family members without actually having to send the photos to them (saving you some precious mobile data). Unfortunately, there are no official photo sticker apps available on Google Play at the moment, so if you want to create your photo stickers on WhatsApp, you’ll have to do it manually with some third-party image editing software. Here’s how to do that!

How to Create WhatsApp Photo Stickers in 4 Steps

Creating your own WhatsApp photo stickers is easy if you follow these simple steps: 1) Upload your photo, 2) Edit the photo, 3) Upload the edited photo, and 4) Add the sticker to your WhatsApp library. Follow these steps to learn how to make WhatsApp photo stickers!

Make WhatsApp Photo Stickers follow these steps:

Open WhatsApp and go to Settings. Tap on Stickers. Select Newsticker (the plus sign in a circle). Take a photo or select one from your gallery. Choose a sticker size, and tap Next. Edit it with text, emoji, or by resizing it. When you’re done, tap Done. You can now send your stickers to anyone on your contact list! If you want to change or remove any of your custom stickers later on, just repeat these steps! Your friends will see them as normal stickers.

They won’t know that they were created by you unless you tell them 🙂 To do so, open a chat with them and tap on their name at the top of your screen. In their profile, tap Sticker to see all of your shared stickers. Then tap Your sticker to choose which one you want to use. Happy to! Note: You can also upload pre-made custom stickers if you have any saved on your device—just go back to Settings > Stickers > Manage my collection > Custom Stickers.


Open WhatsApp, then open any chat.

First, you’ll want to make sure that you have your camera open and ready in order to take a picture. Once you’re set-up, take a pho

to using WhatsApp as you normally would. You can choose to use either your front or rear-facing camera, depending on what you need. If you don’t already have it enabled, go ahead and turn on Show Picture Previews so that you can see how your image will look once added to a chat. You can do so by tapping on Settings > Chats > Show Picture Previews. Then, when you’re ready to add your photo sticker, tap on Add Photo/Video at the bottom of your screen. Choose an existing contact: If you’d like to add a sticker of yourself (or someone else) into a chat with one of your contacts, tap Add From My Contacts. Then select who you want to appear on your sticker from the list of available contacts. Alternatively, if you’d rather send a sticker of something other than yourself—like maybe a cat or some pizza—tap Create New Sticker instead. Snap another pic: When prompted, snap another photo for your sticker. Tap Next, then name your new sticker and adjust its size if necessary before hitting Save. That’s all there is to it!

Click attach (paperclip icon)

This will open your phone’s camera roll and display all photos you have saved on your device. You can even select multiple photos by tapping Select and choosing pictures, then tap Attach when finished. Once attached, they will appear in a single photo frame within your chat. By simply long-pressing any photo, you can add stickers that come with WhatsApp—such as smileys or emojis—or rotate, resize or crop it for better placement. For more control over how your image looks, you can also choose Edit from the three-dot menu next to each photo. From here, you can adjust brightness and contrast, change filters (if supported), and make other edits before attaching it again. And remember: You don’t need to end all of these edited images at once; simply attach them one at a time that they don’t clutter up your chats!

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Select Stickers.

You can easily customize your stickers by going into sticker mode and tapping on your desired sticker. To change its size, color or background, tap edit before you send it. This opens up a lot of options. You can even resize stickers further when they are in use. Tap and hold on a sticker, then drag one of its corners until it’s small enough for you. If you want to remove a sticker, just tap on it and select delete. You will be asked if you want to keep it as an image or remove it from your phone completely. If there is any text within your sticker that looks wrong, don’t worry – there is a quick fix for that too! Select ‘Change font style’ at the bottom of your screen and choose between bolded letters or all caps text before sending off. You can also add some fun effects to your images, such as making them black and white or adding some cool lighting effects. All these changes are made through editing tools available after you have selected a sticker.

You can even make your stickers using photos from your camera roll or pictures were taken directly from WhatsApp. Just follow these steps: Open WhatsApp > go to Settings > Camera > and enable Media sharing. Now take a photo with either your front-facing camera or rear-facing camera (or both) and share it with friends via WhatsApp straight away!

While you’re still in Settings, make sure that you turn on Voice notes so that you can record audio clips with ease whenever required. The next time you want to share a video or voice note with someone, simply open WhatsApp and click on their name. Once you’ve shared your die, it will appear in their window where they can watch/listen to it immediately without having to download anything. For example, let’s say I wanted to send my friend Jethro a video clip of my dog doing something cute. I would open WhatsApp and click on his name.


Select a photo and make your own.

You can create your own stickers by uploading a photo and applying it as a sticker. This can be done from any mobile phone, so long as you have an internet connection. You will need to install an app called WhatsApp, which is available for both iOS and Android devices. The application itself is totally free of charge. Once you have downloaded and installed WhatsApp, it’s time to navigate your way around its user interface. In order to make a new sticker, you should first open up your messaging window.

Next, click on stickers at the bottom of your screen. If you don’t see these options, then there may be an update available that needs installing – check with Google Play or Apple App Store to see if any updates are waiting for download. When you click on ‘Create New Sticker’, you will see two fields: one for choosing a file and another field where you can type in your text. To add a photo, simply tap ‘Choose File’ and select a picture from your gallery or take one using your smartphone camera. Once selected, you will be able to edit it using various tools including crop, rotate left/right/up/down, flip horizontally/vertically, and mirror horizontally/vertically.

With those changes made, all that remains is to enter some text into your second field. You can do so either by typing directly into it or copying and pasting from elsewhere. Once you’re happy with everything, just hit send! Your sticker will appear in other people’s chat windows automatically once they nethem use WhatsApp; however, you won’t be able to view them unless they have also installed WhatsApp onto their device.

Click the send button when done

If you want people to see your photo stickers, click send when you’re done. If no one receives them, you’ll be notified with a message that says No one can receive them. You can keep on sending it until someone receives and opens your stickers. Once they do, they have 20 seconds (or 15 depending on what type of phone they have) to view them before disappearing. Then, if you want to add more photos or take away some of those already sent, just go back into chat and edit. The new ones will be added while any edited ones will disappear from that chat session. When finished editing, just click send again! This process is pretty much identical for all apps in our guide, so try out these tips on Snapchat as well. Good luck and enjoy your new skills! There are lots of great tools online that make customizing images easy. Check out CANVA, picmonkey, or PICLAB for free image-editing software. For example, I used picmonkey to create my stickers above. How about you? Let us know in the comments below!



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