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How to upload a long video on WhatsApp status


WhatsApp might have limits on how long your status messages can be, but you can always get around that by uploading videos instead of using your own photos or video clips. To do this, it’s important to know how to add videos from your gallery onto WhatsApp without making them seem too long and unsightly in your friends’ feeds. The solution to this problem is actually quite simple! Here’s everything you need to know about posting long videos on WhatsApp status.

How to upload long videos on WhatsApp status in under a minute

The next time you want to upload a long video on WhatsApp status but don’t want to invest too much of your precious time, simply follow the instructions below to do so in under a minute! To make sure that the size of your video remains small, compress it into an MP4 file using iFunbox. Next, head over to CloudApp and create an account there; finally, transfer the compressed video file from iFunbox over to CloudApp. You can then easily share this file with all your contacts without them having to download it first before they can watch it!

How to post long video in WhatsApp status 6 steps

  1. Open WhatsApp and tap Status at top of screen. 2. Tap add photo icon at bottom of screen and select Gallery from options that appear. 3. Select video or picture you want to share, then tap Done in top right corner. 4. Type caption for your post and press Next in bottom right corner 5. Select how long you want your post to be visible (1, 3, 5 or 10 days) 6. Hit Post button when ready . Your post will now appear as an attachment in chats with people who follow you. You can also view your own posts by tapping My Story at top of screen.

Go to ‘Status’

Tapping on ‘Status’ will take you to your profile and a new screen where you can see your most recent post. Tapping on ‘Status’ again will bring up all of your posts, so that you can choose which one to update. You can type in any old content for now—we’ll get back to that later. Your profile picture is at top right, and three icons run along just above it. The first icon allows you to change your cover photo; tap it and then select an image from your camera roll or take a new photo with your device’s camera. The second icon takes you to your profile page, where you can edit information like your name and bio. The third icon takes you to your settings page, where you can toggle notifications on or off and access other app settings. If you have multiple accounts, tapping on your profile pic will allow you to switch between them. Tap ‘Status’: Now we need to create a new post. This time, instead of tapping ‘Status,’ we’ll tap ‘New Status.’ A text box appears at the bottom of our screen; it’s where we’ll type out our message. Type out some text: There are no strict rules about what constitutes a good WhatsApp status message, but there are some guidelines worth following: First and foremost, be yourself!

Tap on camera icon

When you go to your camera, you’ll be prompted with two options: Video and Photo. Tap on Video. If you don’t see it in front of you, tap Camera Roll at top right corner and select Video option from there. Once there, you’ll get a thumbnail of your last recorded video, as well as three options: Take Photo/Record Video/Select from Gallery. Tap Record Video (or whatever icon pops up). It will ask if you want to record in landscape or portrait mode. Choose whichever one is best for how you want to hold your phone while recording. This can be changed later if needed by tapping Options > Orientation > Portrait or Landscape. Then tap Start Recording. You’ll now see a red bar across the bottom of your screen that shows how much time has elapsed and how much time remains before you stop recording. You can also change other settings here—like focus, exposure, white balance, etc.—but those are optional and may not matter to all users. Tap Stop Recording when you’re done capturing what you need! The clip will automatically save and show up in your camera roll. The size of each clip varies depending on length, but they tend to range between 1MB-2MB per minute of footage. That means a 10-minute video could be anywhere between 10MB-20MB.

Record your video until maximum duration is reached

There are several ways you can record your favorite song so that it’s of adequate length. The most basic way is to record until maximum recording time has been reached, but some phones allow you to select a longer time. So, if your maximum recording time is three minutes and you want it to be 10 minutes instead, just go into your settings and increase it there. Alternatively, you could do things manually by pressing stop and then start again when you want to begin recording again. If your phone doesn’t have these options, or they aren’t clear enough for you, try using an app such as Long Record Recorder. This app lets you set a custom time limit for recordings and will even let you know when it reaches that point. It also allows you to pause recordings in case something comes up mid-recording. Once your recording is complete, export it from within the app and share with friends! You may need to adjust audio levels before sharing, depending on how loud your environment was while recording. You might also need to trim off any extra silence at the beginning or end of your clip (in which case we recommend free audio editing software Audacity).

Go back to your profile page

Click your name at the top of your WhatsApp profile page, then click Status. Next, select an existing post or record a new one. From there, find and select your clip. You can either record it directly through WhatsApp or import it from elsewhere (like another app). Whichever option you choose, make sure that your recording is saved as an MP4 file before uploading it to your profile page. And with that, you’re ready to share. Just tap Share in your status box, and you’ll be given all sorts of options for how exactly you want to share it—and who exactly you want to share it with. Once someone sees your new post, they’ll be able to view it for 24 hours after first viewing. After that point, your footage will disappear into thin air—or rather, onto their own phones—forevermore. If you don’t see your new post immediately, don’t worry: It could take up to 30 minutes for it to appear. So what do you do if you want more time? Well, just repeat these steps again! In fact, some users have reported success simply recording longer clips in order to increase the amount of time their content remains visible. I know it sounds strange, but try it out for yourself and see if it works. Don’t Miss: The 5 Best Features of WhatsApp Status Follow Gadget Hacks on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Flipboard

Click on three dots at the top right corner of your screen

Clicking will open up options. Click on Edit Status. Once you have done that, click on Add Video and navigate to your desired file. As soon as you select your desired file, it will be played in place of where you had previously typed text until your original text has been re-typed in full. Done! Now you can share your new WhatsApp status with all your friends.
The above steps work for both Android & iOS devices. Note: This method only works for videos less than 30 seconds long. If you want to upload longer videos, then you can follow these steps: – Go to Settings > Chats > Status. – In Status update, click on Add Photo/Video and select your desired file from your device’s storage or take a new photo or record a new video. You can also add multiple photos/videos by clicking on Add More option in each row of your selection box. – After selecting your desired files, click on Done button at bottom right corner of screen. Now go back to WHATSAPP home screen and tap on three dots (top right) again. Select Edit Status and type your text as usual. Once done, tap on Send button at bottom left corner of screen. Your media will be played automatically after typing text in full without any interruption (as if it was a regular audio file). Now you can share your updated WhatsApp status with all your friends!
The above steps work for both Android & iOS devices.

Upload a new status

If you’re ready to post something new, tap on your profile picture and select Status. From there, you can share an image or a location, as well as videos and audio clips from your camera roll. As of February 2017, WhatsApp also introduced live video calling—so if you want to show someone what’s happening in real time, now you can. Tap Start Live Video Call to get started. Note that once you start broadcasting, anyone who has already added you as a contact will be able to see your stream. You can end it at any time by tapping End Broadcast at the bottom of your screen. While you’re broadcasting, a timer will count down showing how much time is left before your broadcast ends. If you don’t want to broadcast publicly, tap Contacts Only at the top of your screen to limit viewers to those people whom you have saved in your phonebook. (And yes, you can still send messages while streaming.) Once your broadcast ends, a notification will appear on your home screen with a link for others to watch it. This feature is currently available only for Android users; iPhone users should expect it soon

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