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Our All-Time Favourite Fake Android Apps

What’s the most essential app on your Android phone? No, not the one you use most (though that’s probably Google Maps). No, we mean the one that instantly sets it apart from all the other handsets out there, like… let’s say, a Motorola Droid that’s running an Android 2.2 beta build that’s never going to be released to the public and will likely be obsolete in two months anyway? Exactly!

Access Dot


A fake app that will send anyone who texts or calls a fake message that says, Access Denied. The best part about it is, if you have plans to head out for dinner or a movie and don’t want to answer your phone until then, Access Dot can be used as an excuse. Simply switch off your notifications, tap Access Dot and wait until it is time to be social again. It really doesn’t get any better than this! However, if you are reading this in the middle of the night, might I suggest Night Lock – a simple app that blocks the use of mobile devices while they are in use. Night Lock also has an auto-sleep feature which automatically locks your device at a specified time without having to touch anything. What’s more, we all know how annoying it is when our sleep schedules are disturbed by an alarm going off on our phones. Now you can avoid this by setting up Night Lock to turn off the alarms when activated. If you need to set an alarm but don’t want to wake up from sleep mode, this is perfect for you. We’ve mentioned before that there are two types of people: those who like to stay connected 24/7 and those who try their hardest not to even look at their phone after 8pm. If you happen to fall into the latter category (like me), I would highly recommend downloading Offline Message – a neat little app where messages sent between offline contacts disappear after 24 hours.




Some Useful Features

Link2SD is an app that allows users to store certain apps and data on their SD card. This is a useful feature for those who don’t have access to lots of space on their devices, as it means apps can be safely moved off internal storage and onto a removable card. If you’re running out of space, Link2SD can be your best friend. The application works by mounting your SD card so that it acts as extra internal storage for your device. Users can then select which applications they want stored on the SD card, meaning they are free to move any app they want over. However this will only work if the developer has enabled the function in their software.
Users needn’t worry about having to uninstall apps in order to make room for others – once installed Link2SD will automatically move these back when there’s no more space available on the SD card.

Y Music


Do you like music but hate paying for it? With Y Music, you can listen to all your favourite songs on your Android phone without spending a penny. Unlike other apps, we do not charge monthly fees or require any sort of in-app purchases; we don’t even care about your personal information! Y Music is our free service, and there is nothing that comes between you and your music. Just download our app from Google Play, install it on your device, and listen to songs whenever you want to. It couldn’t be easier!




Not everyone has the same taste in music, so we offer the widest range of genres possible: from classical to hip hop and everything in between. If you are looking for something specific, type in the name of an artist into the search bar and find what you need right away.

Auto Clicker


This app is a handy little tool for performing repetitive tasks on your phone. Use it to automatically click buttons or make selections on apps with repetitive interfaces—especially helpful when you’re reviewing apps, and don’t want to constantly be pressing Next. Auto Clicker is free, though there are upgraded paid versions that offer more functionality and support for multiple clicks at once. Play Store is a fast way to download the latest updates from Google Play Services (though some people may prefer to disable automatic updates). People often refer to this store as the Google Play Store. Note: The Facebook Lite app will not work in India due to data restrictions from telecom companies there, so keep that in mind if you live in India. It’s also worth noting that while this app doesn’t require much bandwidth, it can use up battery life faster than usual since it loads more slowly than its heavier counterpart. I like the cleaner interface of this app and how quickly it loads; however, even with just one tab open in Chrome, my battery drained considerably faster than usual. There is no help feature, but perhaps I’m used to having access to troubleshooting options in other browsers. When users report an issue they are asked whether they’re using the Firefox beta channel and if they would like help upgrading. For now I’ll stick with Safari because it has features that work well for me and helps me do what I need to do without draining my battery too fast.




How to enjoy these all-time favourite android applications

Make sure that your device is jailbroken and Cydia has been installed on it. Once done, simply follow these steps: Download iCleaner Free from Cydia and install it. Launch iCleaner Free and navigate to Installed Packages section in order to view all of your apps. Scroll down until you find Message+, tap on it, and then click Uninstall button at top of screen. Follow the same procedure for other applications like Instagram++, Facebook++, etc. After removing these applications successfully, reboot your device by pressing and holding Power button for 10 seconds. If a prompt appears, select Shut Down and let the phone turn off. Then hold the power button again and wait for your phone to boot up as usual. If you still see any of these fake android apps on your home screen after this process, repeat the uninstallation process one more time.

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