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Snack Video: How To Earn Money in Pakistan

How can you earn money by uploading snack videos? It may sound like an unbelievable claim, but it’s true. The Internet allows you to make money by doing something that you would enjoy doing anyway! There are many companies that will pay you money to make your own videos, and they don’t even have to be educational videos or promotional videos. They could be funny videos, instructional videos, or just anything! The best part is that once you create your video, all of the companies who are looking for people to do this will pay you instantly!

5 Ways To Earn Money on Snack Videos in Pakistan

Earn money with your smartphone in Pakistan? That’s right! You don’t have to work extra hours at your job or register as an employee to get paid, because you can do so by using your phone and the Snack Video app in Pakistan. Snack Video: How To Earn Money in Pakistan. However, there are some essential things you need to know before getting started, which include the following five tips on how to earn money on Snack Video in Pakistan.

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1 RS per click. You can earn up to 1 lac per month, by just creating short videos for advertising products on your website and YouTube channel. That’s 1 lac per month for your little video creation business! (Don’t forget to share it with friends) Total earnings you can get in a day – 20,000 RS ~ 40,000Rs depending on the number of views. 100% genuine work-from-home job in PAKISTAN. No experience is required, simple step-by-step instructions will be provided to each member who will register under our company. Only serious people need to apply for registration under us because we are not here to waste time or play games.

Bonus each day.

The most important trick for making money from YOUTUBE is to release new videos regularly. Instead of concentrating on one big video you should divide your time into making small videos every day and make it a regular part of your daily routine. In that way you will be surprised how much money you can earn. This bonus offer is particularly for beginners who wish to start earning money from YOUTUBE but do not know where to start. I have seen many people trying to create their own channel and struggle with getting views because they don’t have any content ready. That’s why I am offering my own channel as an example. If you follow these steps you will get more than 100,000 views within 3 months. These are real views that are worth more than $1000 per month if you monetize them properly through google ADESENCE or other ad networks like ADSENSE, MEDVIAINE, etc…


One of the most popular ways for a business to earn money through YouTube is by placing ads before, during, or after their videos. If your channel has significant traffic and you consistently upload new content, you may be able to negotiate with advertisers on a flat fee basis. But don’t expect to land a big sponsorship deal right away—most businesses will go through an application process and require that you meet certain criteria. Even if you can get sponsored, it doesn’t mean you’ll make money immediately; it takes time to build up viewers to attract sponsorships. However, once you do start making money from sponsorships, keep in mind that you have to pay taxes just like any other income. So if your monthly revenue from sponsorships is $1,000 one month, but then $200 another month, don’t assume that it was all profit!

Create a New Account.

If you want to make money on YouTube, you first need to create an account. All new accounts start with a basic plan that allows for standard definition videos at 30fps and 720p at 60fps, as well as mono audio tracks and low-resolution uploads. It is highly recommended that creators upgrade their accounts before getting started so they can immediately begin earning revenue from their content. There are three main ways to do so: 1) Sign up directly through YouTube; 2) Sign up through Google AdSense, or 3) Sign up through your Google+ profile. For more information about creating a YouTube channel, check out our guide here. You should also be sure to set up monetization on your account—this allows you to receive advertising revenues based on your video views (or impressions). You’ll receive payment through Google AdSense once you reach 10,000-lifetime views. This will likely take some time—in fact, it may take years—but it’s well worth it if you ask us!

Invite Friends and earn money.

When you bring a friend to try Snack Pack, we’ll both get RS 50. All you have to do is send your unique code through any medium (Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, etc.). Once they download Snack Pack and enjoy it, we’ll transfer money into your account. It’s just that simple! So hurry up and share it with friends today! ##1. Invite Friends: Invite as many friends as possible to earn maximum rewards. You can invite friends by sharing via Facebook, WHATSAPP, or Email or directly from within Snack Pack itself. You will receive RS 50 when each of your referred friends downloads and installs the Snack Pack using your unique code. The referred friend will also receive an additional bonus of RS 25 if he/she invites 3 more people using his/her unique code.

Sell Products and earn money.

Selling products online is one of two ways to make money through video sharing. The more popular method is video ads, where you make money every time a viewer clicks on an ad after watching your content. But there’s another way—and it may be more lucrative than you think. It’s called affiliate marketing, and while it may seem a bit confusing at first, once you get down to it, it can be simple and quite lucrative. Let me explain… Affiliate marketing allows you to partner with brands that have products or services that you believe will add value to your viewers. If they decide to purchase something from those brands using special links provided by you, then a portion of that sale will go back into your pocket. Here’s how it works: say someone visits my channel and sees my camera bag review (you can watch it here). They love what I have to say about my favorite travel bag brand so much that they decide they want their own.

Competition Prizes.

Tournaments are a great way to earn money playing games and on top of that, they’re also an excellent way to become a better player. If you want to enter tournaments, you need to be at least Diamond 2 or higher on your main account. The higher up you climb, the more prize money there is for tournaments. In fact, sometimes even Major Tournaments can offer decent cash prizes for 1st place. If you don’t think you have what it takes to win first place, don’t worry! You still have a chance to win something by placing in one of these competitions. For example, if you finish 3rd-4th place, then depending on how many people entered into the tournament, you could receive between $30-$60 worth of Battle Coins (which is usually enough for 2-3 Skin Cores). This is just one example of how Battle Coins can be earned through tournaments!

Content Exchange.

If you’re looking to get more views on your videos, the content exchange is a great way to make that happen. Content exchange works by offering other creators new videos you can use to make money off their platform. In return, you provide them with some exposure for your own channel. It’s a great way to spread your reach if you’re worried about not getting views on a particular video, or if you have popular footage that could help someone else grow their audience. You can find out more information here. Make sure to ask for permission first before using another creator’s content! A simple Can I share your video on my YouTube channel? the message should do it. Keep in mind that creators will often share each others’ work as well, so there’s no need to ask permission from everyone—just be respectful and make sure they’re okay with it before sharing away!


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