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How to earn 2000 Pakistani rupees every day from Snack Video

A Pakistani couple who makes money from Snack Video has more than 100 million subscribers on YouTube. Also, they earn 2000 Pakistani rupees every day from just three short videos published by them on YouTube. How to earn 2000 Pakistani rupees per day from video? I will tell you the secret of this couple in this article. Let’s start and get started .

What Is Snack Videos?

The snack video has become a vital part of our lives and we spend several hours each day on it. But, do you know that you can also earn money by creating such videos and sharing them on internet? Yes, by adding monetization features on YouTube, Google allows everyone to monetize their videos now. If you are an excellent short film maker then you can try your luck with snack video and make money online in Pakistan. You need to register as a member of YouTube before proceeding. You will have to submit your links or channels through Adsense account after which you will be given the option to activate the Monetization option. Once activated, the monetized videos will have ads placed at regular intervals along with appropriate sound notifications for ad breaks. It is worth mentioning here that this process does not involve any cost for the uploader. The only cost involved is based on number of clicks/views generated by these ads. So, if someone watches your video without clicking on ads while they are active then you won’t earn anything. These days there are many people making thousands of dollars monthly by uploading and making advertisements using their snack videos. Don’t wait until others start earning more than you because time waits for no one. Go ahead and sign up with YouTube today!

Earn From Referral

As you can see, I have a referral program in place. Once you have created your account you will be prompted to invite friends and family. For each successful registration via your invitation code, you will get Rs 10. And once they make their first recharge of Rs50 or more, they’ll get an extra Rs 100 while they’ll get an extra Rs 50 on their second purchase of any recharge. Now what’s not cool about that? Here is how the numbers stack up: If one of your referrals makes two purchases over the course of 30 days, then that is worth at least 180 in commissions (100 for their first purchase and another 50 for their second). Multiply that by five people and it could equal 720. Multiply by ten people who each make two purchases per month, and it could equal 1,440. Multiply by 20 people who all manage to refer just four new members – 1,920! That may seem like a lot, but if you’re sharing this with friends and family as we’ve been talking about, then it becomes very doable. It is also very important to note that when someone registers through your referral link they don’t need to make any purchases right away in order for you to earn the bonus. You will still receive your bonuses as long as they register using your unique link and follow the steps outlined above. Additionally, if you happen to forget to use my personalized referral link when registering yourself or inviting others, then there are other links available which you can use instead. Just click on Referral Links below to take a look.




Unlimited Coins from Snack Video

Are you an App lover? I am sure, you are because everyone is. Here in Pakistan, most of us want to be in apps. But, we don’t have an idea how to get there. So firstly, let me inform you that how I am earning two thousand (2000) PKR every day from playing snak video games and secondly how you can also do it easily by following my step by step guide. Keep reading! You will not regret what you read next! So guys follow these easy steps:

1. Download the Snack Video App on your phone
2. Login into the app with your Facebook account or email address. Once done, open the App and click on START PLAYING button. In case you see a pop-up message saying Not enough coins to play this game, please buy some more coins then click on the purchase button below. If not then tap on continue without buying anything now option and continue to play games with 100 coins for free for 3 minutes which should give you at least 4-5 coins per minute which would make around 100-150 coin per hour.

Make Money By watching Video on Snack

If you are interested in watching videos, then you can earn some extra money by doing so on Snack. If a stranger will watch your video, then you will be given a part of their advertising payment. A share of $ 0.5 is paid daily for every visitor who watches an advertisement on your profile and remains active for a minimum of five minutes. The higher your traffic is and more people who watch it, the more money they will get into their pocket! You can also earn additional income if you invite friends and family members to watch videos on your account. You must use the link that comes with each new account registration and then connect with friends or family members through Facebook or email. They will receive 20% off all new registrations that they make as long as they use your invitation code! And, if they create a new account on Snack without using your referral code, they’ll still get 10% back. So not only will you make money when you refer someone to the site; but both parties can win when there’s good customer service!

Withdraw Money From Snack Video in Pakistan-trickybazz

In order to withdraw money from snack video, you need 2 thing first: A valid prepaid mobile phone and a verified bank account. They can help you in getting one of them by paying just Rs1000/-. Second thing is that they must be active member. Active members can only earn & withdraw money. You should have minimum 5 videos uploaded before being able to withdraw the money. For withdrawing amount less than 10,000 Rupees, the transaction time will take 3-5 days for completion. If your withdrawal amount is more than 20,000 Rupees then it will take 7-10 days for processing. Once the money gets processed then it takes 1 or 2 working days for transferring in your bank account.






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