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How to connect to any Wi-Fi without a password

Connecting to Wi-Fi at home, the office, or your favorite coffee shop can be pretty annoying, especially if you have no idea what the password is. Sometimes when you’re too lazy to ask the person sitting next to you, it can be tempting to just sit there and wait forever. But that’s no fun! Whether you need to connect right now or not, learning how to connect to any Wi-Fi without a password will always come in handy so you don’t ever have to wait again.

How to Connect to Any Wi-Fi Without a Password

Have you ever been somewhere where you have no internet connection, but you need to get online? Sure, you could ask someone for their password, but what if they say no? What if you don’t know anyone in the area? Don’t worry; getting online can be done in two ways using nothing more than your Android device and the Google Play Store. connect to any Wi-Fi without a password. The steps below will teach you how to connect to Wi-Fi without needing a password, so follow along and get ready to be connected in no time!

connect any Wi-Fi without a password

1st WIFI Application

The first thing you will want to do is install a free application on your phone or device. There are multiple that are free and work on most devices, depending on your OS. Some of them include WPS Connect, WIFI Master Key, and CONNECTIFY. We recommend you try out one of these applications and follow their instructions for installing it on your device. If you have more than one router, simply pick another router at random in step 2 and repeat until you have installed it onto all routers. Once you have finished this process, turn off the original router and then turn on the new one. When prompted by the app, put in the password for the new router. It should now ask if you would like to change your old password. Select yes and enter your old password when prompted. You should now be connected to a newly changed network! All of your devices can now access this new network as well as share connections to other networks. You may need to restart some of your devices, such as game consoles and printers so they can see the new Wi-Fi name. Now that you know how to connect to any Wi-Fi without a password, go ahead and make those connections happen!


2nd WIFI Application

If you want an alternative method for connecting wireless that doesn’t require you to share your mobile data, try tethering. If your computer has a compatible slot for it, insert an additional SIM card from your carrier into your device, and switch on tethering. When you access public hotspots, select Wi-Fi in place of mobile data (or vice versa) when prompted. Choose the network and enter the login credentials like usual, but with one important difference: if there is no password, leave the blank field empty! Once connected to the network, tap disconnect so as not to incur charges. You can also opt to use your cellular data instead of tethering by turning off the WIFI connection before accessing the internet. You will be able to do this by tapping on the mobile signal icon at the top left corner of your screen and choosing 3G or 4G depending on which option is available. Once the connection is active, turn off your Wi-Fi by tapping on the blue tab at the top right corner of your screen and selecting Turn Off WIFI. For iOS users, go to Settings > Cellular > Enable LTE (if applicable). For Android users, go to Settings > Mobile Networks > Data Connection > Choose between Mobile Data & WIFI Hotspot.


Find the router MAC address

With your iPad or phone, you’ll want to locate your router’s MAC address. With most routers, you can usually find it printed on a sticker right on top of it. If that’s not possible, however, there are other ways of locating it. For Apple products, go into Settings—>General—>About and scroll down until you see Wi-Fi Address. It should be right under your device name and IMEI number. For Android users, open the settings menu and tap Wireless & Networks. Then tap the Wi-Fi option and select Advanced settings from the dropdown menu. You should then see the wireless network’s IP address and MAC address listed near the bottom of the screen (usually towards the left). Once you have this information in hand, head over to AIR MORE via your web browser. From here, just enter the MAC address for your router and hit Connect. You will now be connected to the internet wirelessly through your laptop without entering a password! To disconnect, all you need to do is repeat the steps with your own PC/Mac. Simply put your personal computer’s MAC address into AIRMORE and click Disconnect when finished.

When using AIRMORE to access another WIFI signal, remember to check if there is a login prompt before typing in their ID and Password. If there is an Enter Network Password prompt before clicking Connect, type out their login credentials before hitting Connect.

Connecting to WPA/WPA2 network

First, you’ll need to know if your router is using WPA2. In Windows 8, click on search and type Wi-Fi. Right-click on your network connection (should be at top of the list) and select Properties. A window will open that shows you what security protocol you are using. Look for Security Mode: WPA2/AES and then read below how to get connected! WPA2 stands for Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 and AES stands for Advanced Encryption Standard. To connect to the wireless network with WPA2 encryption enabled, do the following:
1) Go to Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi > Manage Known Networks or hit Wi-Fi Settings from the taskbar. Then go through the list of networks until you find yours; this should show up under Network Name. If it doesn’t then you’ll need to retype it into the SSID field. You can also choose to add a password by typing it in under Wireless Password but make sure there’s no * next to Show Characters. If there is an asterisk next to Show Characters, double-check that your computer recognizes characters beyond numbers.

Verify your connection with the LANSCANNER app

While you’re out and about, it’s hard to keep track of all your connected devices. Fortunately, tools like LANSCANNER make it easy. By scanning your network card and logging all nearby access points (including hidden ones), you can easily see what’s available nearby—and even connect without entering a password if one is required. It takes just a couple of taps! • • • Tap on the desired Wi-Fi network from the list, tap Connect in the upper right corner, then enter your passcode if prompted. You should now be able to browse the web or use other apps as usual with no connection issues. The app also has a built-in speed test so you can compare performance between networks.

Best yet, when you’ve found the perfect place for work or play, you can add it to your favorites for quick connections later on.



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