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How to Check Who Viewed My WhatsApp Profile?

WhatsApp, now owned by Facebook, has millions of users worldwide. As its popularity continues to rise, more and more people are investing in WhatsApp marketing to expand their business reach and broaden their customer base. If you are wondering how to check who viewed my WhatsApp profile, this post will teach you how to do so in three simple steps.

Click on three dots beside your profile picture

Click on View profile as. This will take you to your profile page. Here click on three dots beside your contact information and a drop down menu appears where you can view your own profile as that of others. Here, you can see who viewed your profile and what they clicked on while viewing it. You can also send messages and make calls through chat section of your profile by clicking on their name in chats list which appears next to contacts list. If someone has added you as a friend, then they will be shown here.

A screen with two tabs is shown: Chat Section and Contacts List In the Chat Section tab, you can access all the people whom you have interacted with via WHATSAPP (whether they are friends or not). It also shows if anyone is active on WHATSAPP or not and when the last interaction happened. The more conversations one has, the longer this list becomes. At the top left corner of the page, there is an option to select Contacts from Messages. By clicking on it, a window opens up showing all your conversations arranged chronologically. In order to search for any particular person’s conversation, type his/her name in search box at top right corner of the window and click Enter. Thereafter the corresponding conversation opens up for browsing and you can find out if he/she was online during that time or not!



Go to Settings

From your profile on WhatsApp, click on settings and scroll down until you see Show Last Seen. This feature will let you know who viewed your profile. If there is no such option on your app, then it means that your account is set to Private. Private accounts can’t be viewed by others unless they are added as a contact or selected as a Favorite. To change the privacy setting, go to Settings: Open Privacy from the options at the top of the screen. Click Edit and choose between Public, Only Friends or My Contacts. You may also want to use an incognito chat mode if you have a sensitive conversation with someone. All messages sent in this mode disappear after 24 hours and cannot be seen by anyone else. In order to start an incognito chat, tap on Menu (three lines in the bottom left corner) > Secret Chat > Start Secret Chat > Incognito Mode ON/OFF. When in incognito mode, all messages you send will self-destruct after one day. The last thing worth mentioning is the emoji keyboard – with over 3 million animated emoticons available for sending to friends or groups! It has been shown that using these kinds of images make people more inclined to open messages and read them, so add a few colourful expressions to spice up your chats.

Click Account Management

This opens a new page, which contains all your account information in one place. At the bottom of that page is a menu option called Info; tap on it. When you do, you’ll be presented with an additional menu containing options labeled Phone Number and Address Book. Click on Address Book (it’s below Phone Number), and then select one of your contacts from that list. You will now see a list of profiles for that contact. If any profile matches what you’re looking for, click on it and you’ll see when they last viewed your profile as well as their profile picture. If none of them match up, you can scroll through the list or search for your contact by name. Once you find the person who’s been viewing your WhatsApp profile, tap on their username at the top of the screen. That will take you to a screen where you can see when they last checked out your profile, as well as any other info about them like occupation and education level. To add this person back into your address book if you want to stay in touch with them there too, tap Add Friend at the top of that screen. To remove this person from your address book altogether, simply tap Delete Person. Keep in mind that removing someone from your address book won’t remove them from your phone altogether. They will still show up as one of your recent calls or contacts if you happen to call them again later.

Scroll down and click See Account Activities

On your computer, click on your name at the top of your profile. You should see a button that says See Account Activities on it. This is where you can view all of your activity logs. Click on See account activities and check out who’s been viewing or interacting with you or messaging you! If you want to take it up a notch, go back in time by selecting Today or Yesterday from the drop-down menu on the left side of the screen. If there’s someone suspicious (or annoying) in your messages tab, this might be how you figure out who they are! Sometimes we forget what number people used when they messaged us so if you have an idea of what phone number was used, just type it into the search bar on this page and voila! It will show you who sent them. All you need to do is select their name, then tap the gear icon next to their picture. From here, tap Message Details and scroll down until you find Sender. Tap Sender and it’ll bring up a list of everyone who has texted you with that number. At this point, you may not know which person interacted with your account so make sure to look through every person listed. Scrolling down through these texts will give you clues as to whether or not they’re legit – did they message anything mean?



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